See the Unseen.

Superpowering farmers with instant, scientific-grade visual analysis

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Non-destructive. Handheld. Affordable.

Vision analysis device fusing hyperspectral signals with visual images, powered by an AI biochemical analysis algorithm.

Early mold-detection

Detection of pathogens through biotic stress signals not visible for the naked eye. 

Real-time potency detection

Quantitative/qualitative detection of chemical compounds and active ingredients in live plants.


Chemical & contaminates Real-time safety testing

Quantitative detection of hundreds of pesticides & other contaminates in live plants.

Monitoring nutritional elements

Nutrient content detection for optimal management of crop-nutrient requirements and growth indication.

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In-field use of scouters and agronomists.

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Integration with

field-proven robots.

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Integration with unmanned aircraft systems.


Witi is led by a diverse team of highly accomplished scientists in the spectral and data analysis fields with proven track record in development of disruptive vision technologies for the israeli aerospace industry. Witi’s purpose is to increase the sustainability and quality of crops by empowering farmers with on-field, scientific-backed decision making technology.

Harnessing the light spectrum to support a healthier and more sustainable global food system.

Meet The Team

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Prof. Leah Boem

Phd in Physicist with vast experience in electro-optics, solid lasers, crystals and optical fibers. Former chief scientist of the Israeli Aerospace Industry. Prof. Boem is a technological visionary transforming Witi’s vision into disruptive tech developments.

Dr. Nir Shachaf

Phd. in computer science and computational chemistry with over 10 years’ experience in metabolic data processing and analysis. Weizman Institute researcher leading multinational research teams. Dr. Shachaf is Witi’s plant expert, fusing biological inputs with visual data to power Witi’s algorithm.

Dan Savin

Physicist with over 30 year's experience in electro-optics research and development, specializing in multi-source optical data fusion. Former Israeli Aerospace Industry project manager.

Mr. Savin is Witi’s electro-optics expert leading practical development of our vision.

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Yonatan Elimelech de-Wolff

Business management with over 10 years’ experience of multi-national technological startup management, developing clean technologies funded by the European Union. Mr. Elimelech de-Wolff is spearheading Witi, synchronizing the scientific vision with business reality.

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Ran Nakash

Lawyer with over 10 years' of operational management experience in highly regulated sectors, established 2 factories in Israel and over 50 global subsidiaries. Mr. Nakash is Witi’s operational manager safeguarding traction and operational goals. 


Alex Efros

Software engineer with over 20 years' experience in software development, machine learning and algorithm architecture in physics and electro-optics. Mr. Efros is a software expert, designing Witi’s artificial intelligence engine.